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LipTalk Audio Converter

Converts Audio Speech Files (wav) for LipTalk into transcripts.

The Audio Converter is licensed under the GNU General Public License 3.0

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C4D Plugin - LipTalk R23-2024 (Zip Download)

LipTalk is a plugin for Cinema 4D to create realistic lip sync animations for your 3D characters. Liptalk works with both custom characters and DAZ Studio characters.


Liptalk has an Audio Mode that lets you generate lip movements from voice files (wav). To use this mode, you need the free AudioConverter from 3Deoskill. You can download the AudioConverter and use it to convert voice files in up to 2500 languages into Liptalk-compatible transcripts, which you can then import into the plugin.


Liptalk also has a Text Mode that allows you to turn your text input into phonemes, which then drives the lip animations. Text mode currently supports three languages: English, German and Russian.
Text mode is very powerful because it gives you the most control over the lip sync. You can adjust the length and strength of each phoneme using a special parameter syntax and insert pauses as needed.


You can also use the Manual Recorder to override the automatic mode or to animate specific areas manually.

Finally, you can use Liptalk’s built-in Bake functionality to convert the lip sync into keyframes and create motion which you can save and reuse with any character that is compatible with Liptalk.


In addition, LipTalk includes another tag, the so-called Jaw Solver tag. The Jaw Solver can be assigned to an object, preferably a Jaw Joint, to animate it using LipTalk. This variant is particularly suitable if characters have a Jaw Joint and you want to mix blend shapes with a Jaw Joint or just want to open or close the mouth.

Audio Converter Download


To ensure the full functionality of Liptalk, it is recommended to download and first test the free AudioConverter. Only when the AudioConverter works you can use Audio Mode in LipTalk with the transcripts.

Although you can use the plugin purely in text mode, which is actually very powerful, I recommend only purchasing LipTalk for the full functionality once you have got the AudioConverter work on your system.

The free 3Deoskill AudioConverter analyzes audio speech files and creates certain audio transcript files. Not only the individual phonemes are taken into account, but also the timing, intonation and speed of the language. The converter supports up to 2500 languages. The Advanced mode can also handle audio files with long vowels, which are often difficult to synchronize.

(Please test the Audio Converter before purchasing LipTalk)

!!! At the moment we have some issues with the compatibility of the dictionaries for older Cinema 4D versions R19-R21. We are trying to fix this so that we will soon be able to offer LipTalk for these older Cinema 4D versions, too.

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