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Tools for Cinema 4D

Tools and Scripts that can enhance your daily workflow

Face - Capture Python Tag

The Face-Tracker is a python tag which connects Cinema 4D’s native tracker with the blend-shapes of a Pose Morph Tag. 
You can either track a 3-Point-Mouth, 7-Point-Mouth or a full face with 15 tracks.
Watch the tutorial.
The script was just tested with Cinema 4D R23.

Scatter Tool Generator

Small Update: Video 2


  • The Tool has now two Buttons
    Remove Guides and Scatter
    Remove: Removes the guides
    Scatter: Calls the Add Guides Tool sets length to 0.01 and selects automatically the hair-object. You instantly can begin to draw

  • New Avoid Functionallity by Scaling or Hiding


This is a rebuild of Cinema 4D’s R25 Scatter Tool for Version R19-R2023.
You can draw very comfortable objects onto a surface.


It’s internally based on the cloner object and the hair tool, with the benefit of eliminating all those setup steps,
to get more the feel of a real scatter tool 🙂 like in R25

ARC Spline Generator

This is a spline primitive which creates an arc.


Ivy Maker Python Generator

This is the simple Ivy-Maker from the Python beginner tutorial on Youtube.
Simple download it, unpack it and load the Cinema 4d file.
Later maybe I will update it or transfer it to a script so that you can call it right from the toolbars…
Watch the Python Tutorial…..

Street Builder Generator

The Street Builder is a script which creates a generator for simple and quick street generation. You can adjust pavement, curbstone  and street. You can add street-lamps, 3 rails and columns and give it all materials

Environment Loader

A script with that you can load an environment map quickly for reflections or illumination. It creats a sky and adds the environment map to it. The environment map is loaded into a new material into the luminance channel. There will also be a render tag created, so you can quickly dertermine, if the environment map is just visible for reflections, or for illuminations purpose and maybe invisible for the camera. It saves a lot of clicks.

Incremental Render

This is a script which extends Cinema 4D with another render button with which it is possible to render incrementally and to provide images with a certain number sequence.
You no longer need to enter a new image number manually.

Image 2 Plane

A python script to load an image as a billboard on a plane.

Stair Spline Generator

The stair spline generator is a script for Cinema 4d (R19-S24) which creates a spline-generator with a small user-data interface

SAM Spline Animated Materials

This is a small setup with which you can render and animate splines quickly in a material.
Use it to create textures, animate them and even render the textures,

Mat Mixer

Material Mixer

Material Mixer is a small script to quickly load textures into a projection shader and to automatically create an alpha texture. The script also puts the material on the selected object at the end of the stack so that you can directly start drawing materials and mix them by painting into the alpha channel. You just have to enable the material for drawing in the Material Manager and select the alpha texture. You should also create an extra palette or add shortcuts to your interface to reach the brush and color changer quickly.
Watch the short tutorial