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C4D - Windows 2023.1

C4D Windows 2023 is a plugin for Cinema 4D with which you can create windows for architectural visualization.

With this specific window maker you can create over 67 different window styles.


It supports 6 basic window types (arch, rectangular, round, trapezoidal, triangle and balcony)


With the extensive GUI you can build many window types.


Add Top Lights and Bottom Lights, give your windows that extra something with bars (not for all elements).


To cut out the window immediately, you can create the corresponding Boolean object.


Give the frame, glass, handle and window sill your own materials or use the already created texture tags.


Open windows or tilt them, change their opening direction or declare them fixed (not for all elements).


Particularly difficult shapes such as arches and pointed arches can be corrected with the Subdivision Fixer algorithm.


The integrated preset management makes it easier for you to quickly save frequently used window types and load them again when you need them.

This is the new version 2023.1 / Udated: 09.05.2023



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