Tools for Cinema 4D

Tools and Scripts that can enhance your daily workflow

Face - Capture Python Tag

The Face-Tracker is a python tag which connects Cinema 4D’s native tracker with the blend-shapes of a Pose Morph Tag. 
You can either track a 3-Point-Mouth, 7-Point-Mouth or a full face with 15 tracks.
Watch the tutorial.
The script was just tested with Cinema 4D R23.

Scatter Tool Generator

This is a rebuild of Cinema 4D’s R25 Scatter Tool for Version R19-R23.
You can draw very comfortable objects onto a surface.
I improved my old object-painter tool and simplified it a bit with python to get more the feel of a real scatter tool 🙂 like in R25

Street Builder Generator

The Street Builder is a script which creates a generator for simple and quick street generation. You can adjust pavement, curbstone  and street. You can add street-lamps, 3 rails and columns and give it all materials

Environment Loader

A script with that you can load an environment map quickly for reflections or illumination. It creats a sky and adds the environment map to it. The environment map is loaded into a new material into the illuminance channel. There will also be a render tag created, so you can quickly dertermine, if the environment map is just visible for reflections, or for illuminations purpose and maybe invisible for the camera. It saves a lot of clicks.

Incremental Render

This is a script which extends Cinema 4D with another render button with which it is possible to render incrementally and to provide images with a certain number sequence.
You no longer need to enter a new image number manually.

Image 2 Plane

A python script to load an image as a billboard on a plane.

Stair Spline Generator

The stair spline generator is a script for Cinema 4d (R19-S24) which creates a spline-generator with a small user-data interface

SAM Spline Animated Materials

This is a small setup with which you can render and animate splines quickly in a material.
Use it to create textures, animate them and even render the textures,

Lip Sync Recorder

The Lip-Sync Recorder is a worklow-setup for Cinema 4D with which you can easy record lip-sync from audio files, save them in a library, add and mix them in the timeline. 

C Surface

C-Surface is a Python Script to calculate and render the surface area of an object in Cinema 4D
The object has to be a polygon object and it can calculate from polygon selections as well from the whole object. It also understands N-Gons.