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3D Design, Visualization and Animation

3D Modeling

3D Product Visualization

Are you looking for a strong, cost-effective partner to turn your product into an appealing 3D visualization?

Let your ideas become reality.e Produkte oder Projekt.

Unlike product photography, where building the scene and set can involve high material costs, 3D visualization can make even difficult projects cost-effective.

The advantage!


Your product always shows its best side, regardless of the time of day or studio size.

Even in the planning phase, your product can be brought to life and marketed.

But even a virtual CGI project requires special expertise and experience. Here, too, the costs depend on the scope and quantity. Produkte oder Projekte.

3D ProduktFilm - Animation

Unlike a picture, a film is often worth a thousand words.

In a 3D animation, functions and processes can be represented that are difficult or impossible to realize in reality.

A 3D film can be an extensive undertaking. Scripting, concept designs, 3D modeling, animation, rendering, compositing, dubbing, editing and color grading are necessary to produce a competitive product film.

From a simple turntable animation to a one-minute product film, for example, anything is possible.

Architecturural Visualization

Presenting a property in an appealing way is difficult to do with photos.

Especially when your project is still under construction or perhaps being renovated. In addition, moving cars, time of day and other obstacles make it difficult to put the object in the right light.

3D real estate visualizations are to the point, attractively staged and rendered. An enrichment for your exposé.

Currently, the visualizations are still limited to exterior views.   

Game assets / VR

You are designing a video game and need a very special 3D model or several?

As a Unity Assetstore Publisher, I have already created and successfully published several asset packs with up to 160 individual parts.

A game model develops its true beauty only with appealing textures and the right painting. I pay a lot of attention to 3D texture painting.

For reasons of copyright
due to non-disclosure agreements
projects of well-known customers are not listed here for the most part.

Any Questions?


You have a project that you would like to implement. Just contact me for more information. I will answer your questions immediately.

Data Transfer

To start a project together, we need a communication channel to exchange data and information. Here, the normal email traffic and WeTransfer offer themselves.

Final acceptance & handover

During my work it may happen that you/me or we seek contact with each other to be always informed about the current status and progress of the project, to avoid mistakes or misunderstandings. At the end you will receive your final product and the invoice.


I offer performance-based billing on an hourly basis for 27€/h or flat-rate performance billing in the form of a quote or offer. With hourly-based billing, only the actual work done on the project is really charged, using time-tracking software. As a small business owner, I do not currently charge sales tax.

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