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Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag
Gene Ferrol Vocal Samples by Thomas Boesl are licensed under the Creative Commons Namensnennung 4.0 International Lizenz. Permissions in addition to this license can be found at 


Welcome to my website! On this page you will find free vocal samples in the future. All samples have been produced and recorded by me and are not subject to any third party licenses. The samples are subject to the Creative-Commons license with attribution. You can use them in all your works like music, movies, games etc., even commercially. With music titles, however, the attribution only has to take place if the sample is a main component, e.g. in the chorus. In the case of short Adlibs, which serve e.g. the rhythm or other purposes, there is no need to mention the name. But for this you should follow the link for the outgoing permission again.
  • Mp3 320 kbits, 48 KHz
  • dry (no compression, Reverb, Delay etc.)
The title tells you the scale, speed, microphone distance and if it is a harmony.


  • N=close, F=Far (microphone distance)
  • 120 Bpm (Beats per Minute)
  • C-Moll=Scale
  • Title
  • Harm=Harmony


Gene Ferrol Vocal Samples 2


I would like to point out that the audio examples are only examples of use. These may not be used commercially in the context of the music. Only Gene Ferrol Vocal samples are free to use.

Gene Ferrol Vocal Samples 1


Basically all samples available here are free of charge and can be used freely under the Creative Commons license. In order to keep the project going and maybe get other vocalists on board, I would be happy to have a „coffee“ every now and then….. Your Gene

Gene Ferrol Vocal Samples 3

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