PRT-Procedural Terrain 1.0

Easy Terrain Creation Setup for Cinema 4D R20

My story

About 3Deoskill

Hi Gene Ferrol (Tom) here!, 42 years, 3D Freelancer.

Why is it so black here, well you can save energy during you visit my site 🙂

I am just a guy who falled in love with 3D and all other media stuff.

At the moment I am redoing the site so be lenient. I will add more.

In the 90´s I began to compose electronic music and gradually set up a musicstudio. I teached me singing as well, cause I needed vocals 

In the end of the 90`s there was a trend around the game Half-Life and Counterstrike and so I began mapping with the Source Game Engine.
But I needed 3D Models to fill my maps with stuff.
So this was the birth of my passion for 3D.
I began my first steps with XSI Mood Tool. This was a really advanced 3D Modeling Software…but the way was stony and I felt not so comfortable with XSI.  I needed advanced skills in Modeling and Texturing….So I began to study different softwares und read manuals, manuals and ……..:-) yeah manuals.
At the same time I began programming with Html, Javascript und CSS .

And now? Well  I am doing some freelancing work, creating tutorials, tools, asset-packs and music.

It’s hard to separate my passion in the media because basically one can not do without the other.

3D is not just a trend or a term, 3D is a live setting.

Merry Christmas


Small but very helpful setup when working with angles in Cinema 4D


Small Xpresso Tool to instantly fit a floorplane to scale in Cinema 4D


Cool Setup to measure and render distances at the same time in Cinema 4D


Draw and enter measurements and angles


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